Green Spaces

Bracknell Beeches will become an environmental asset, encouraging outdoor healthy living through its landscaping, cycle and walking pathways and green edged boundaries.  The current ecology of the site will be reflected by the retention of 92% of the existing trees.  There will also be new planting with species being carefully selected so that the neighbourhood has the feel of a woodland haven.

In the generous spaces between the buildings there will be pockets of woodland through which people can stroll on permeable meandering pathways raised above the forest floor. A 500m jogging track has been designed for more energetic exercise while a tree-lined avenue will run next to the railway line for pedestrians and cyclists. Youngsters will benefit from informal spaces where they can come and play safely outdoors with natural materials designed to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

Further ecological benefits at Bracknell Beeches will include ponds with water-loving vegetation and large canopied trees all chosen to enhance biodiversity and wildlife. They will also help to store water run-off during rainy times.  Along with green roofs on the buildings and  permeable surfaces and pathways these will ensure effective water management designed to lessen the risk of flooding.