Improving Links

Bracknell Beeches will provide a welcome missing link between the centre of the town and the south side of the railway line.  Pedestrians returning home from shopping will be able to walk through the current square and past the council offices, across the railway bridge, past a new south side railway ticket office and into another treelined public square with shops and amenities such as cafes and restaurants.

From the new square there will be a choice of routes around the site for the public to enjoy and running along the wooded edge of the railway line will be a shared footpath and cycle way. Another 500m footpath will meander around the development. It will offer a jogging track for runners as well as a link for families who can stroll between play areas designed to be ecologically friendly through the use of natural materials such as logs.

The principle route for cars will be from Old Bracknell Lane West directly to the neighbourhood square. The barriers currently limiting access to the site will be removed. Speed calming measures will be put in place to protect pedestrians and other road users.